Do YOU have a ‘Mole’ in Your Camp?

I LOVE a good espionage novel, although I often go on a treasure hunt to find a wholesome story of intrigue.  

A mole is a guy/girl who works for the enemy and leaks ‘information’ to the ‘bad guys’ in order to hurt, or tarnish the reputation of, or destroy the ‘’good guys’’.  Moles generally live underground like the burrowing little creatures they are.

Does it seem that every time you get a specific area of your life committed to our Lord, the mole leaks that specific area of information; – or, you seem to be constantly challenged in those areas. 

Invariably, it is the area you have submitted that is being attacked by all kinds of temptations and accusations! 
A small example:  you have committed to going to Church to listen to His message amongst your fellow worshippers and everything that can come your way to stop you going – seems to try. 
Or …, you go for a run every morning, and this is when you pray in the spirit as you run – your morning run has been a constant in your life for a long time – now, everything that can come in the way – does….

You don’t feel well, you have a headache or you are simply too tired.


A non-believer who talks about you behind your back? Or sometimes, a believer  who talks behind your back.  Someone who is envious of you? We have to be very careful because as people we inadvertently allow Satan into our lives.  We speak without thinking of the impact our words/actions have on the people around us and in this universe. ‘People’ judge us by the company we keep……. Choose your ‘’friends’’, carefully.  I am learning through life in general, that Satan uses people to ‘leak information’ to him. 

The Story of the Little Mole

Learn to expect the leaks, suspect the moles, and … recognise Satan’s afflictions.

Use the weapons that God has given us ….. we have many! 

Ephesians 06 v 10-18 The Armour of God

PRAY PRAY PRAY and pray in the spirit – the Devil cannot understand the words of the spirit and your prayer is a direct link to our heavenly father. 

You have to stand firm!

I hope this has encouraged and helped you as it has me!

Love Debra x
4 Responses to “Do YOU have a ‘Mole’ in Your Camp?”
  1. Janine says:

    Hi Debra! What a joy to hear from you on my blog today and I am even more thrilled to be your first follower! I loved this post.

  2. Thank you Janine… You are a blessing and inspiration and I know I am going to enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis.. xx

  3. Nisha Mundy says:

    Hi Debra!I loved your post! I can feel that humour and sweet charm that I love so much, leaping from the page! And you're a fan of espionage too! I recently read one entitled The Book of Spies, by Gayle Lynds. Such a wonderful post indeed! Oooh, and I squized over a must-try recipe for lemon meringue pie, yummy! Well done xxxLotsa love,Nisha

  4. Debra said: Thank you Nisha …. I hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours'. We are mighty women of God! The Devil BEWARE! xx

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