The right foot and the wrong foot or ……. (Weird)

So… anything weird/different/strange  happen to you today?

I woke up this morning happy to be going to the hairdressers (my hair is incredibly thick) and I have to keep it cut regularly otherwise even brushes wont do the trick.

I heard my hubby calling from downstairs and I wasn’t even dresseed yet!   Rush rush rush  ….. I finally made it downstairs and off we went.

Anyway, to make a long, long story a bit of a shorter one.

Walking on the pavement in town my hubby looked at me and asked me why I was walking in such a funny way.  I told him probably because I had only recently woken up;  then realised that I DID feel uncomfortble in my feet.  Funny, how only when we are made aware of a problem, we notice it.

I looked down at my feet and …. low and behold – I had put my beautiful black shoes, each on the wrong foot!!!   I burst out laughing and everyone must have thought I either had a screw loose or was totally mad!

No problem, I simply took off my shoes (in the middle of town) and put them on the right way and continued walking…… (with a big smile on my face!!!!)
5 Responses to “The right foot and the wrong foot or ……. (Weird)”
  1. Hahaha I love this story. Sometimes I forget to put shoes on :)<3, New FollowerCome get a dose of laughter at A Taste of T

  2. Debra says:

    Hi Tanya, Thank you for your comment and visit. I too am a follower of yours. I think we are quite similar and hope we will have many days of life and laughter!Debs xx

  3. Cara R. says:

    LOL! Sounds like something I would do! One time, after my youngest was born, I forgot to put shoes on at all. We arrived at church on a Sunday evening for a special fellowship. I got out of the car and realized NO SHOES. Oh well. At least it was in Hawaii! BTW, I am a new follower from the "secret society". 🙂

  4. Debra says:

    Hi CaraThank you for your visit and comment. I have on more than one occassion jumped into the car and not had any shoes on. The first time in the UK I must say, I was frowned upon. Then again, 50 odd and no shoes…. just not done here. In South Africa, nobody even notices! lol

  5. nisha says:

    Hi Debs!That's sooo funny! Don't worry, we all have those days! Mine usually happens every morning, teeheehee!Thanks for the laugh!Lotsa love,Nisha

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