Making a ‘spectacle’ of myself :)

I dont know what it is but lately I have been going a little crazy (my hubby would say; …….  Lately?)
I have been wandering around our home, looking in every corner of the house and I cannot find my classes (spectacles) anywhere. I can type without looking at the keyboard, so that’s not a problem.  I cant read or see 5 foot in front of myself…. When I tell you I looked everywhere, I mean everywhere!!!

It’s so funny imagining myself walking around looking for my glasses…. I even took a walk around the garden.
Set the picture:
Here’s me with my back bent over or shall I say bent forward with my face practically touching the ground (if only I were that double jointed).   The chickens following in a straight line behind me…. and then my husband Tony asks me what on earth I was doing.  I flung my hands up in the air and shouted ‘I can’t find my glasses’.  He walks up to me, kisses me on the cheek and takes them off my head and put them on my face.  Oh say I ….. and just smile 🙂

He walks away shaking his head, and I continue my walk around the garden with the chickens still following me and of course, smiling to myself!

They say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ well, in my life ‘a smile a day keeps me sane!”

3 Responses to “Making a ‘spectacle’ of myself :)”
  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    HiI'm Lisa from the catacombs "secret society". We've had chickens for years – though since moving to the mountains we're in the midst of designing their new "are" (and keeping the coyotes from getting them)I'm following you on google friends, etc..Looking forward to getting to know you better!Lisa

  2. Patti says:

    I have done that SOOOO many times! The other day I was walking to my car and rummaging through my purse at the same time…looking for my car keys! I was so annoyed because I thought I might have to go back into work and see if I left them on my desk. They were in my left hand. The hand also holding the handle of my purse as I rummaged!! After my frustrated calmed…I laughed to myself!!!

  3. nisha says:

    I visualised you on all fours with the chickens in convoy! I laughed so hard, oh gosh! that's so funny and thank God for your sweet hubby. I have six pairs at every station, that way I never lose them…touch wood!Lotsa love,Nisha

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