My Darling Hubby

Mostly everyone who know’s me  is aware that I have an extremely sensitive nose
(which is a good thing …..:)
The sensitive ‘nose’ thing !
I woke up this morning to a whiff of something lovely coming from the kitchen! Off course, I immediately knew it was a cake – Yummy!!!
only…. it was a chocolate cake 😦    (I could smell it). 
I am one of those few women out there who doesn’t really like chocolate ……  Actually, that’s not really true!  I like the taste of extra dark chocolate, especially with orange and although I don’t really drink alcohol anymore…. very dark chocolate filled with liquor! (Any chocolate in small doses).
Needless to say … Tony (my Darling Hubby) Loves Chocolate in any form and decided to properly initiate me into Chocolate Heaven (as he calls it!)
He used the best dark chocolate pure cocoa ingredients and has made the most divine DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE for us to have with my Favourite Twinings, Earl Grey Tea at 16h00 today!
I love ‘hundreds and thousands’ – they bubble in my mouth, so he has decorated the cake with them and lovely maraschino cherries drenched in liquor…. the filling in the middle of the cake is a cherry & plum jam he made some time ago.
One of the ‘little’ things’ in life I like and makes me smile
7 Responses to “My Darling Hubby”
  1. Jinny says:

    Oh my gosh, this looks and sounds divine!!

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    Oh my goodness I want some of this with my earl grey! Wish I could run to the airport and catch the first flight over. But *where* Debra, is the recipe?????I shouldn't eat this – but I want to!!! What a great husband 🙂

  3. Wow, your husband needs to teach mine a thing or two!! That is impressive! Make sure you post how fantastic it is after Tea!!!!

  4. MrsJenB says:

    Ooooh that looks delicious!! If it tastes half as good as it looks/sounds, you're a lucky lady!

  5. samsstuff says:

    Yum! What a great surprise!

  6. Debra says:

    Trust me ladies ….. I thought I was indeed in Heaven!!!! I will get his recipe and add it to next weeks recipes 🙂 Not bad for someone who doesn't like chocolate! tra la la la la

  7. Hi Debra, finally getting back to you… yes, I could eat that right now!

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