An addition to the family…. (no, it’s not a baby!)

Day One

A day that should have been a happy one, turned into sadness!

As everyone knows – We have three beautiful chickens (my babies)  Petal, Poppy & Flower.  Yesterday, my hubby and I bought another (and called her, Petunia).  I was quite excited and couldn’t wait to get home to introduce her to the other three.

I was so careful with her – trying my best to keep her calm.  Opened the little box we transported her in and let her out gently……. The minute the other three saw her – they preened themselves and all three attacked her!  I was at a loss for words, which for me – is quite something to behold!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  Tony, my hubby said that it is a territorial thing for animals and hopefully it should get better.  Well, it hasn’t!!!!!!

She spent the day running away from the other ‘girls…….  Then, came bed time – that was an absolute nightmare!  Our three ‘girls’ went to bed at their normal time.  We caught Petunia and added her to their little ‘house’.  She was obviously scared… being in a new environment and r.a.n….. straight up the ramp into their sleeping area.  With all the excitement and commotion, she pushed one of the older hens (my Petal) out of her ‘patch’ and that’s when the new fight started!  The hens chased her down the ramp and cornered her and once again attacked!!!!!  The screeching was horrific! I didn’t know what to do and cried (wiping the tears from my face – Tony persuaded me to leave her with the others as they had to get used to each other).  I spend the entire evening on my nerves not knowing what to expect and didn’t know if I was going to wake up to a dead or live chicken.

I persuaded Tony to open up and let the chickens out into the garden (I didn’t want to be the one to find a dead chicken).

Then I heard another commotion…  they had run after Petunia again….  This time I think, she was ready for them – she dived, swerved and ran as fast as any chicken I have ever seen run!!! escaping their clutches.

Day Two

Today’s scenario was a constant repeat of the above!!!  My heart really went out to this little one….

The funniest sight was Petunia running backward and forward along the property line… We didn’t know what was going on.. until it twigged (she wanted a place to lay her egg)!  Tony filled up a basin with straw and placed it in the house (the only safe place away from the other 3) and low and behold, Petunia followed and climbed into the little basin and stayed there for about an hour and the result was a beautiful large fresh egg!!!

Now ….. a chicken in my kitchen!!!!!  Not on!  Anyone who knows me will say ‘NEVER!’

Well, I’m sorry folks but my heart really went out to her and that is where she has stayed and will be sleeping until the morning. We have an ‘old very well-worn’ Persian rug (thrown out) that we brought out of storage and put down for her and tonight she will sleep like a queen!  We have put all the necessary cardboard etc down for her and don’t ‘think’ we will have to do a ‘special clean-up’ in the am.  Obviously, the normal clean-up will happen, as usual 🙂

Tomorrow, I will update you on  ‘Petunia’s journey’, with photo’s.  Then again, it’s my journey – learning how to rear chickens   :)I pray the evening will be peaceful for her (and for me…… hoping to sleep tonight) and that the ‘girls’ will be more accepting in the am!

5 Responses to “An addition to the family…. (no, it’s not a baby!)”
  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    The exact thing has happened to us many times. Once we put a baby turkey in with some tiny bantam chicks – and the chicks went for blood! We kept the turkey in our mudroom bathroom (also have done this any times – with chickens, turkeys, & ducks), until it became a little bigger and could defend itself!

  2. GavKim says:

    im hoping that u will get sum sleep tonite and also that poor petunia will find sum respite from "the girls"… wonder how hens adapt when baby chickens r born? have u tried googling chicken psychology? :p luv u cuz xxx

  3. Awww… poor Petunia!!!!!I hope she isn't too traumatized!!!!!Please keep us posted!

  4. Janine says:

    Oh my goodness! What an adventure for all of you – poor Petunia especially! Hoping her night went well and that today her friends will finally accept her 🙂 Can't wait for the update!!!

  5. Debra says:

    This little chicken has a mind of her own and will eventually win the heart of each of the other three!

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