A Whale of a Time :)

What a glorious day!   The weather was beautiful.  My ‘girls’ (the chickens) weren’t fighting …. tooo much…. anyway. ‘big smile on my face!

I walked around the entire garden.  Gave it a lovely sprinkling of water and once again was amazed at the amount of growth on the trees and flowers etc.  My darling hubby, digging away at the ‘HOLE in our garden for a – now dont laugh!!!!   ‘plastic paddle pool’ big enough for me to lie down in and cool down on the very hot days’…..  I said to Tony: ‘… seeing as you are going to all the trouble of digging a huge hole in the ground, why not build a proper pool ?’   He simply laughed and carried on digging.  (What he doesn’t realise, is that I have sewn that little seed…. now all I have to do is nurture the seed, water it regularly and possibly, next year or maybe even sooner – I will have a Proper Paddling Pool!!! ) Just watch this spot!  hee hee  I feel like a naughty little girl.

As Summer is just around the corner, I promised to buy Tony a Weber Barbecue…. we had one in South Africa before we came over to the UK and now, 7 years later – he is still waiting!   Ag shame, as we say in South Africa…. I really must make a plan!  The last couple of times we have barbecued we used a wheelbarrow… yes, you heard correctly, a wheelbarrow!  My one British friend thought that we had ‘totally’ lost it the first time she saw this – ‘now I think she is convinced ….. about our sanity’.  Maybe that’s why we get on so well.

Only problem was, we invited her and her other half for a braai/barbecue (he is a vegetarian so I especially made him a beautiful mushroom risotto) ….. AND THEY NEVER PITCHED!!!!  Do you think it could have been because of the  ‘wheelbarrow?’.  I will definitely have to make a plan about that Weber now! 🙂

Much later, I jumped into the car and drove to my friend who was in her garden – watering her flowers – they had simply forgotten about the invite!  I took her two lovely scarves and a beret I had knitted/crochet for her.  I forgave her instantly and left feeling much better.

On this instance, I haven’t taken any photos but promise to put some up soon then you can see my little paddling pool and special wheelbarrow barbecue!

(This can only happen at Butterfly Cottage, the house where the two eccentric old fogies live!!!!!)

5 Responses to “A Whale of a Time :)”
  1. Sounds like a rather lovely day. My husband has been asking for a proper barbecue forever…. "eventually," I say.

  2. Ms Bibi says:

    Yes, proper barbecue every men dream. I actually love your idea of wheelbarrow barbecue. That would look really interesting on our back porch in the middle of the orchard. I can't wait to see some pictures.

  3. Lisa Taylor says:

    My husband "won" a new bbq. It arrived in a nice box,and the picture of the bbq on the outside of the box looks lovely. We, however, are still using our old, very well used bbq since putting the new one together is low on the "priority list". That's how our lives go….

  4. Debra says:

    It was a wonderful day! I'm going to have to do something about that barbecue tho…. I bought him a gas one, and he wasn't too impressed with me – so back to the wheelbarrow with wood and charcoal until the weber comes along xx

  5. Debra says:

    Comment from Julie Janes: aaaggghhh !i am on yr blog – I didnt forget the bbq! I forgot the time!!well actually i didnt know you were doing a bbq !!! but no, you must notget a weber bbqA wheelbarrow is absolutely fine and dandy – hence me wanting to enterit into the competition!! soo be prepared. One has not lived until onehas had a bbq in a wheelbarrow,sat outside your best friends house on a winters day eatinglangoustines, or been given an hour to turn up at their house for dinnerdressed indian style.!and always wear the most beautiful hand crafted scarves and hats thatthere ever were…..Pls post this reply on your blog Mrs A !!!!

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