The ‘I Can’t Club’!!!!

Under the bylaws, club members are required to make ‘I can’t’ statements with conviction:

”I can’t quit this sin.

”I can’t forgive – again!”

”I can’t help but hate after what he/she/they has/have done to me”.

Because of the fervor of these statements, it sounds as if each is an unchangeable, universal law.
Everyone is subject to one law of science, the law of gravity – the force that pulls every object to the center of the earth.

In similar ways, members of the ”I Can’t” Club are prisoners to the downward pull of defeat – they are not only ground-bound but sin-bound.

Do you feel bound to a specific sin?  Does quitting the ”I Can’t” Club seem impossible?  Our Father refuses to let ”can’t” be the universal password of his children.  At your salvation he gave you the Spirit of God so that you would have the strength of God.

He made it possible for you to overcome any sin.

By replacing one law with another:

The law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death

Romans:  8v2

Think about the law of gravity again…..

Can you imagine a 190 ton mass of metal rising against gravity’s pull? 

Impossible?…… It can’t be done!!!

Oh YES it can….. by using a higher law.

” When you can enter an aeroplane with full confidence that it will fly you from one city to another.  You are no longer ground-bound.

Similarly, when you, in faith, give yourself over to the Spirit’s control, the ”I can’t” statements will no longer bind you.

When God fills your spirit with his Spirit and infuses you with his strength, you are no longer captive to any temptation.

Every single Can’t becomes a CAN!!!!!!!

Nothing is impossible with God!!!!!!
3 Responses to “The ‘I Can’t Club’!!!!”
  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    Faith is a big one with me! Lovely, encouraging post,Blessings!

  2. Debra says:

    My husband just can't understand how I walk in faith!!!! (I love it when a plan comes together 🙂 God is good and faithful ! Blessings xx

  3. This is a lesson God has being drilling me with lately…. and it is starting to make sense! Thank you!!!!anglor

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