Introduction to Wizard

I don’t know if I have shared before… but I have been aching to get a kitten/cat!  I have tried every trick in the book and finally, my hubby succumbed to saying yes!!!
‘He wants to encourage the birds in the garden and he was afraid that a cat might throw a pigeon in the works….’ (Never mind that our neighbours have two cats)…. Anyway he finally said yes!!!!
A good friend of mine Julie arranged/found our little fellow for me. I couldn’t wait for her (my friend) to get back from holiday and went to collect him ahead of time……  This poor fellow has definitely been abused and traumatised, although the lady who owned him before actually cried when I took him away.  She has a dog that apparently simply doesn’t get on with my boy!
For the first two days, he hid behind furniture, and the second morning, I found him hidden behind our microwave in the kitchen!!! Can you imagine?!
He had found a place in my spare bedroom which I use as a clothing/shoe closet;  I put down a cushion on top of my shoes and he seems to stay there during the ENTIRE day!  I don’t know if this is because he is new to our surroundings or because he is just plain scared of ‘whatever!’.
Anyway, he has now migrated to the bottom of my bed and spent all of last night there!
Today I went shopping and found a ‘special brand of milk’ especially for kitty cats from our local Farm Growers Shop.  I brought it home and offered him some, and he loves it!
At least he is eating and drinking so….. not too much of a problem, I don’t think…. anyway.
He loves it when I rub his little body but, noticed that he jumped and almost bit me when I touched him on a certain spot on his ribs.  I think the poor dear has been kicked or something.  There is also a big swollen lump on his head above his left eye!
Off to the vets on Tuesday for a complete check up…. and lots and lots of love in the present and near future for this little fellow!
I am waiting a couple of days before allowing him to venture outside – I don’t want to lose him yet!  He needs to be familiar with his new home and surroundings.
I cant wait to introduce him to the ‘Girls’ My chickens, Petunia, Poppy, Flower and Petal.  That will be another story on it’s own… I think!
I still can’t believe that I would at my age, have chickens, cats, donkeys and all the wild life in our woods so close to me…. (rabbits, fox, deer, birds, badgers etc).
2 Responses to “Introduction to Wizard”
  1. Oh! I love that you adopted this little guy!!! We desperately want a cat, but we are scared of a possible move…. anyways, Keep us posted on the vet visit!

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    I love cats – but am allergic to them 😦 I think their disdainful pride and the way they move is lovely!

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