The Beauty of Gods Creation amongst Chaos

I have had a lot of bother and sleepless nights with recent incidents in my life.

Waking up to a new day with everything that can possibly go wrong in a day ….. happening!

I had forgotten to take meat out of the deep-freeze to defrost naturally for supper.  Thinking I will defrost this in the microwave, discovered I had put the setting on 100 per cent cook instead of defrost.  No salt etc…. resulting in yukky looking chicken pieces. (I had wanted to have a somewhat romantic evening with my husband …… ).

Then to ‘put the proverbial cherry on top’, heavy rain and a freak downpour of hail added to my late afternoon/early evening chaos.  I had just hung all the washing (I had not hung up earlier in the day) let the hens and baby chicks out into the garden (the last hour and a half before their bed-time) and there were black crows all around.  You would think they would go into hiding with the rain and hail – but no, this was their opportunity I suppose to try and get to the baby chicks.   Luckily the mother hen, using her instincts, herded her chicks into safety and out of the downpour.

By then, my beautifully washed and blow-dried to perfection (which had taken about an hour because my hair is so thick – thank you Lord) hair was now drenched and I looked like a fat drowned rat!!!  After this, I thought, nothing else could go wrong…  ha ha so I thought!

And then, to find that I had locked myself out of the house and had to wait for my husband to arrive and climb up onto the roof and let himself into the house through our bedroom window – which thank heavens, is  always open.  Needless to say, moods were not on a high for that evening.

We went to bed early and I had a quiet conversation with God in my mind – questions and questions were running through my thoughts.  Lord, why is this happening?   I know that all this chaos isn’t from you …… So, why was I allowing these ‘things’ to get me down? After all, in the large scale of things, they were insignificant. I eventually fell asleep.

I awoke much later and was amazed…. at the most beautiful moon, suspended high in the clear sky.  Who would have thought that hours ago we ad experienced hail and rain!  I was astounded by the beauty!!  Only God could create something so beautiful after the days chaos!

I felt that God was telling me that amongst all my trials and tribulations of the ‘world’ His beauty and peace was evident if I just looked for it!

Do you think that this kind of beauty follows chaos by accident?  In what other ways does our Lord, cleanse the world, the spirit?

We walk through storms and chaos that strip us bare or cleanse us so that we can continually grow.  God assures us that HE is in charge and that by handing everything over to him – we can cope!!!  For as long as we want Him in our lives, He will never allow us to go through anything alone and can turn all the negatives around and turn them into lessons and positivity! This is for Our benefit and growth!


The Beauty of Gods Creation
written by Yvonne Branch

It’s six o’clock in the evening,
I am standing at my back gate.
The sun is sinking, the evening shades are setting,
The reflection of the sun’s rays is illuminating the sky.
Standing there, I wonder at the beauty of God’s creation,
The serenity of the eveningBrings peaceful feelings to my soul,

I feel a sweet soft breeze across my face,
And say aloud “GOD IS IN THE WIND!”
The birds take flight in the sky –
As if to say ‘we’re going home’,
Then gracefully they move across the Eastern sky.
I look at the luscious green grass
And plants that adorn the earth,

At the coconut, tamarind, plum and breadfruit trees,

And among all this greenery nestles a flamboyant tree,
Covered with beautiful red flowers – all in full bloom.
Their shadows now silhouetted
Against the beautiful pink color of the sunset.
“Truly”, I say, “There is beauty in God’s creation!”

At the coconut, tamarind, plum and breadfruit trees,
And among all this greenery nestles a flamboyant tree,
Covered with beautiful red flowers – all in full bloom.
Their shadows now silhouetted against the beautiful pinkcolor of the sunset.”

Truly”, I say, “There is beautyin God’s creation!”
A few passers-by say a quiet ‘good evening’
As they make their way along the winding path
To their homes within the peaceful neighbourhood.
Strange enough, there are no noises to be heard
No noises of children’s laughter,
No noises of children’s games,
The evening is one of pure serenity.

5 Responses to “The Beauty of Gods Creation amongst Chaos”
  1. Ms Bibi says:

    I live amongst chaos and uncertainty all day long….I got used to things going wrong every day….if they don't I count my blessings…if they do I learned to roll with the punches.I learned how to stop and look around and find beauty in simple things….that's what gets me going every morning…..beautiful post….

  2. I love how God was able to put things in perspective for you…. and what a wonderful gift that moon was!

  3. Meghann says:

    I completely agree. Love this post. You might like this one, I wrote a few weeks back. Its on a similar topic.

  4. Hi Debra,Isn't it amazing how when everything in our world, goes so wrong, God is there just waiting for that conversation. Then He tells us, or shows us, something to give us HIS sweet peace! He is Awesome!! Love your post. Thanks for the visit and follow. Looking forward to reading more.Blessings in Him…Chelle

  5. Trianna says:

    What a beautiful post! Sometimes, we need to be reminded that there is something beautiful coming from the storm. I really needed that. Thank you!

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