Menopause Part 1

Dr Christine Northrup and the book ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’.

This book helped me understand what I was going through, making this life situation a little easier.  I thought  I was going MAD but after reading this book, realised that I am a normal woman going through The Menopause 🙂  A lot of the information I am giving you is probably ‘**verbatim**‘ from the book accept where I relate to my ‘own’ personal experience – which is probably almost in every single situation. Some of the examples given in the book are what actually happened to ME!!!!  I think this is part of why this book is so special to me and hence my wanting to share it with you and my experience. This is NOT intended as a book review, but my personal experience with Menopause.

Part 1

In late 1986 we discovered that I had cancer and at the same time had a full hysterectomy.  I was 25 at the time.  I went through the prescribed medical treatment etc…. but was not prepared for the ‘period of ‘unpleasentness’ (Early at first: Menopause) I would be going through for the next 20 odd years or so.  Mildly at first, but really bad by the time I had reached 40 odd.

To top it up – My husband was murdered in 1989 when I was 28 and left with two little boys to look after on my own.  No insurance, no home etc….  This just ‘added’ to my list of complications – to read the full story, you are going to have to wait for my book to be published (not only about Menopause, but The Journey of MY Extraordinary Life). I will let you all know this when the time comes. xx

Symptoms: I felt personally.

  • I was generally always hot
  • I was generally always irritable
  • I couldn’t sleep at night
  • I cried for no reason at all
  • My body almost always felt bloated
  • I retained a lot of water
  • I started getting really bad headaches ‘more regularly’ (I have always been a headache/migraine sufferer) but this simply got worse
  • I was short-tempered
  • I would fly ‘off the handle’ for no reason at all – or so my children thought
  • I started to pick up weight!

I really thought I was MAD or had lost it!  I also put a lot of this down to my husband’s untimely death and blamed Him for a lot even though he was murdered; and had no influence in what was happening to me physically. I even blamed God as he was allowing all of this to happen to me..  (That’s another story lol).

**It is very important to remember that that these hormone-driven changes affect the brain, they give a woman a sharper eye for inequity and injustice, and a voice insists on speaking up about them.  In other words, they give her a kind of wisdom and the courage to voice it.  As the vision-obscuring veil created by the hormones of reproduction begins to life, a woman’s youthful fire and spirit are often rekindled, together with long-sublimated desires and creative drives.  Midlife fuels those drives with a volcanic energy that demands an outlet.

If it does not find an outlet, if the woman remains silent for the sake of keeping the peace at home and/or work, or if she holds herself  back from pursuing her creative urges, the result is equivalent to plugging the vent on a pressure cooker:  something has to give.  Very often what gives is the woman’s health, and the result will be one or more of the ‘big three’ diseases of postmenopausal women; heart disease, depression and breast cancer.  On the other hand, for those of us who choose to honour the body’s wisdom and to express what lies within us, it’s a good idea to get ready for some boat-rocking which may put long-established relationships in upheaval.  Marriage is not immune to this effect.**

Source:  **Taken from Chapter One:  Menopause Puts Your Life Under a Microscope


2 Responses to “Menopause Part 1”
  1. Marie Noelle says:

    You are a really strong woman Debra. With what you went thru, no wander who you could think you were losing it. Because you had reasons to lose it. But you didn't.

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    I cannot wait to read your book!The first quote mentioned really speaks to me. It reminds me of something I read a long time ago "Wise Woman who holds the blood within". I find it a fascinating and powerful idea.As Marie Noelle said – you are a strong woman. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog, hopefully your book!, as well as Dr Northrup's work.Blessings!

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