The MELODY of Life

Phrasing distinguishes the supreme artist from one of lesser inspiration.

I am reminded of God’s phrasing over my life … as the unity of Solomon’s thought develops here on the beauty and the burden of work. God’s gift to us through work is a sense of satisfaction because He knows the value of honest labour.

His design through the phrasing of our lives, the sometimes unpleasant labour, is to perfect us in Himself.

From His first thought of us at the beginning of creation, He saw us complete and finished in Christ.

Solomon uses contrasting throughs – work and toil coupled with beauty and satisfaction, the beginning of God’s plan as opposed to the end, the eternal viewpoint versus the temporal .. human inability to fathom reflected against God’s total understanding.

As the MELODY of our lives unfold on a daily basis, the high point lies in the fact that

God is never going to make a mistake with the motif that he specifically designed for us.

Whatever He does will endure forever. He brings out the beauty of harmony and richness as He directs every facet of our lives. This fact guarantees that ‘all crisis already have been met and overcome in him’.  As we live, work, and bear our burdens, be assured OF THIS …

that the ‘Melody of Our Lives’ is controlled by the Eternal God of the Universe ..

who knows us from the beginning to the end.

Let there be no question of what our song is all about! Ecclesiastes 3: 1-12

Whatever you decide to do today –

remember, that you are creating a Melody – unique to only YOU!

Be Blessed today and everyday

Debra x

“Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed,
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 (NASB)

9 Responses to “The MELODY of Life”
  1. Ms Bibi says:

    Another wonderful and inspirational post, Debra.Thank you for the little pick me up!

  2. Such beautiful imagery… thank you!

  3. Marie Noelle says:

    You are always so inspiring!! I love your post!

  4. Alex says:

    i love your inspirational post debra 🙂 they always make me smile

  5. Carla Royal says:

    Unity and Chaos. Uniformity and Diversity. All of it necessary. All of it One. You description of 'phrasing' is beautiful, Debra. The rising and the falling. Yes, like a spiral–always a dark side, always a light side. And so go our lives.

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