How do YOU feel about old age/ageing?

I don’t mind getting old! Do you?

As we age, we are ‘One Day Nearer to Home!’.  That idea thrills me!!

I can understand why people ‘who have nothing much to look forward to’ try frantically and futilely to hang on to their past-youth.

Some, get a face-lift, plaster their makeup on ever more thickly, dye their hair (I do!- I am far to young to have grey hair, and all that ~ say I with a cheeky smile:) …….. anything to create the illusion that we are still young.

(The illusion is ours of course, nobody else’s.) 

Let’s be honest, old age, mostly, entails suffering.  I’m acutely aware of this now as I had watched my parents-in-law (while they were still living on this earth) and many other, older people, once so alive and alert and quick, now so quiet and confused and slow.  They suffer.  Those of us who love them, suffer along with them. It’s like seeing a preview of ‘coming attractions’ –  ourselves in their shoes, and ponder what this interval means in terms of the glory of God in an old woman.

It would be terrifying if it weren’t for something that ought to make the Christian‘s attitude toward ageing utterly distinct from the rest.

And He made known to us the mystery of His will according

to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ,

to be put into effect when the times have

reached their fulfillment.

(Ephesians 1: 9-10)

In the meantime, we look at what’s happening – limitations of hearing, seeing, moving, digesting, remembering, distortions of countenance, figure, … and perspective.  I hope as Christians that this is not  ~ all we see!

We are on a pilgrim road.  It is rough and steep, and it winds uphill to the very end.

We have to go ”around” the mountain to get to the top!

We can lift up our eyes and see the unseen, a celestial city, a light, a welcome and an ineffable face.

We shall behold Him.

We shall be like Him.

And, that makes a difference in how we go about ageing – don’t you think ……. ?

3 Responses to “How do YOU feel about old age/ageing?”
  1. nichole says:

    Getting old and achy sucks. That is all I have to say on that 🙂

  2. Growing old is not always easy… I think it is a process of preparation that has both negative and positive characteristics.

  3. Lisa Taylor says:

    I dislike getting older – but I suppose it’s better than the alternative. I color my hair, would have surgery if I could justify the expense to myself (I can’t *yet*….). I do find that as I’ve gotten older I have my priorities straight and am not afraid to speak my mind on just about anything! Those things I do enjoy 🙂

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