Women of Prayer

Thank you Karen Burton Mains.

In one year, Christianity lost three holy women of faith, Agnes Sanford, Corrie ten Boom and Catherine Marshall – as well as countless others whose names are unknown but who nevertheless did the work of God in this World.  These are the women who knew what it meant to experience the presence of the unseen, who spent hours on their knees, who wept over the wounds of the world.  For them, prayer was a second language.  Who will take their place?

Frankly, there are very few candidates from our generation of women, those of us who have lavished hours in front of the television set, in the shopping malls, in self-indulgence, in not developing a disciplined spiritual life.

Unless….. unless, we begin to grow up spiritually.  Unless….. we become convinced that we are the generation of Christian adults ultimately responsible for the spiritual condition of our nation.  We must understand that there are increasingly few in that generation ahead of us left to pray over this world.  We are coming of age.  But are we coming to terms with our lack of spiritual depth and ability?

It is we who must learn the meaning of forbearing.

It is we who must develop the disciplines of spiritual perseverance, not shrinking back from growth but doing the will of God, having faith and keeping our souls.

It is we who must become women of faith and prayer and obedience and service.

It is time for us all to grow up!

I personally, thank God for a woman called Lyndie Trehair McCauley who lately, has had quite an impact on my life – simply by living ‘the word’ and being transparent in her daily walk with life albeit, that she lives in another country and town – far, far away from me. It just comes to show, how your daily actions can have an impact on someone else’s life – therefore, live responsibly – you ARE a light in this world even though you may not realise it.

4 Responses to “Women of Prayer”
  1. Prayer is a mainstay of my life. Thanks for sharing all of this…

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    Beautiful, thoughtful, and thought provoking post Debra.

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