Tears & Laughter

I am grateful Lord for tears.  To have the ability to cry.

How wonderfully you made us so that we are equipped with this way to express our emotions.

Quick tears to relieve the sudden hurt, or for the times when we are touched, too moved to speak. Or when deeper sorrows come, that we have this fierce and wonderful cleansing.  This release that helps to wash away the very grief our crying demonstrates.  How you must love us. No other being has it, no insect, bird or beast.  Only man and woman made in your likeness.

Jesus wept, as we weep. Our very tears are testimony to your fatherhood.  We too are your sons and daughters.

Thank you for this proof, and for this healing outlet, the ability to cry.

And thank you, Lord for laughter and for the people who can bring it about. Make us see the funny side of things.  The world is so full of anguish; life itself sometimes seems so grim.  Thank you that in your vast understanding you gave us laughter to make us forget, to restore our wounded spirits, brighten the journey, lighten the load.

Just as you saved tears from human beings, you blessed s alone with laughter. Surely this too is a clue to your very nature.  A nature akin to our own.

Thank you for this blessing, Lord.  This shining gift of laughter.

2 Responses to “Tears & Laughter”
  1. kim says:

    its amazing how healing tears can be… cried most of yesterday and tho nothing has changed, i feel sooo much better today 🙂

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