True Love -Valentine

 This is a post I did for Valentine’s day last year and would like to repost it for this year as well.
I thought this quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day and all those single people out there who feel left out because they don’t feel loved or have anyone to love them.
I grew up knowing that Jesus loved people.  So, as an adult, I thought I knew Gods love until tragedy hit my life. My husband was murdered and I was left with two little boys.  Night and day I prayed, pleading for God to perform a miracle or change my heart and remove the pain.  I felt abandoned!
Then, I decided that I simply had to discover the magnitude of God’s love and learn to know him on a deeper spiritual level.  I couldn’t rely on circumstances for proof of his love and approval.  Even though I had been through many trials before in my life, I needed to learn that his love transcended both good and bad circumstances.  I woke up knowing that I had to do something and then, reading my Bible the following jumped out at me:
Jeremiah:  31v3
I have loved you with an everlasting love
I have drawn you with loving-kindness
These words struck a chord and it was like I was being lifted up and being held in His arms.   God would love me through each and every experience from that day onward. After this, I made enquiries and I joined Bible School.
 I knew that it was going to be difficult with two little boys to look after and to go to work full time, but I knew that this was right.  I was told that I was giving a fleeting whim’ first status in my life – instead of my children.  People told me that I would lose my children – however, I believed that I was doing the right thing and prayed.
I especially found it difficult not having my husband’s arms comfort me and cuddling up to him at night. He had been a constant in my life for so long.
 I went through many hardships, trials and tribulations with my journey at College and at times felt like everything and everyone was against me.
Somehow, I knew that I was moving in the right direction and that ultimately everything would work out for the good.
The lesson I learnt was that God wants US to participate in this love relationship because it IS the foundation of life.  This/His love is Everlasting, Unchanging & Forever!
Each and every one of us can consider ourselves Loved, not because of our circumstances or situations, but simply because God loves us Perfectly, Totally and Eternally!
Be at peace and know that you are NOT ALONE and that YOU are LOVED!!!!
I met and married my wonderful husband Anthony and we celebrate our love for one another each and every single day of our lives.
4 Responses to “True Love -Valentine”
  1. Trianna says:

    A sad and beautiful story all at the same time. Sometime’s we do things because we are listening to a voice that other’s don’t want to hear.

  2. Hugs to you, you are such a strong, beautiful woman.

  3. Alexis Grace says:

    What a perfect expression of love…. thank you!

  4. Lisa Taylor says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!

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