Confession & Praise Report


I have a confession and a praise report for today.

Since I was a child, I suffered with headaches and migraine.

In 1986 I was very ill and had morphine on a regular basis for pain. To cut a long story, short, after the morphine, I started taking prescription pain killers and then moved on to over-the-counter pain killers containing codeine.

My confession is that I have been addicted to codeine since 1986 – which if you work it out is for 26 years. Over a long period of time I transgressed to taking between 10 and 15 Syndol tablets every single day of my life. Now you aren’t supposed to take more than 4 per day and then, only for 3 days in total. Obviously I didn’t adhere to this. Generally, anyone who takes Syndol or the generic equivalent in South Africa knows that One Syndol puts you to sleep – not me! Hence my addiction. (Besides the fact that it cost me a fortune every month).

The last 4 years of my life have been very hard in that my migraines have been getting worse and the headaches extremely severe. We put all of this down to menopause, which happens to every woman and some stage in their lives. What I didn’t realise, was that the continual extreme headaches were as a result of the tablets. My body was so used to them that missing any or not taking the full 15 a day actually ‘caused the headaches’.

I had tried absolutely everything I could think of to ‘get off’ this medication. I was too embarrassed to speak to my Doctor about this addiction although my children and my husband have been aware of this ‘problem’.
Finally, I decided to ask our Father to rid me of this addiction as I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. I trust God with everything in my life – so I thought, but I didn’t even think of asking him for help with this problem. I thought there are so many other important issues in life that this one isn’t worthy for His intervention. How wrong was I?

I knew that I had to trust God completely without a shadow of any doubt, and prayed and fasted. This was just over two months ago. I believed that God told me to be totally honest with my Doctor and that he would take of everything and that I was to not worry about anything. I did this.
The two months have been very hard on my husband and he has stood by me whilst my body went through withdrawal from this medication. Believe me, it is not a ‘nice’ thing to go through. (I had 26 years of addiction to get over). With all of this going on, I consistently thanked God for my recovery and praised Him throughout the entire process as well as still being involved with my blogs, and this Group.

I had to go for my cancer check-up and my general health check up and all the tests came back with a positive result. No cancer, no kidney and no liver problems.

I have not had a single Syndol tablet since this started and I am totally free! I could NEVER have done any of this without the God and The Holy Spirit.

What is the point of being a Christian if we aren’t going to give God our everything! This is the time to put Him First and Foremost in our Lives!

And …. Guess what, there is now a problem with the licensing agreement with this medication and bringing it in to the UK and for now, it is no longer available!!! I don’t know why I am so amazed.. We serve a Mighty God!!!!!!!

I am making this public firstly, and most importantly, to Give God all the Glory and Praise and …. to encourage anyone else out there who may be in the same or a similar situation.
Trust God – hand EVERYTHING over to Him and simply Believe!!!!!!


To Read about Syndol, click on the link:

4 Responses to “Confession & Praise Report”
  1. jamiegall1930 says:

    So grateful you were able to get off the tablet, but even more grateful you’ve been feeling better. I truly hope it continues for you.

    And what a way to become healed =)

  2. Lisa Taylor says:

    What a heartfelt and honest post Debra! I admire your strength and faith. Overcoming any type of addiction is soooo difficult.

  3. Alexis Grace says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Rx Pills are such a tricky addiction. I admire you for kicking the habit! What a great blessing 🙂

  4. julieemoore says:

    It was amazng to read this post because over the past 4 weeks God has called me to fast and pray and let Him have my addictions. Some were meds. for health issues, tv, carbs and sugar. It has been easier than I thought as long as I allow Him to do the work in and through me. It’s when I begin trying to do it on my own that I fail again. I think this post was courageous. Thanks

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