Not Faith, but … Power

1 John 5:4 has been a favourite of mine for years but only lately have I come to realise that the verse is not so much about faith as it is about power.  It is not an obvious power, it is a quiet power, like that inherent in seed, which causes a plant to pop out of the ground and burst into flower, or the meaningful words that fly across the airwaves altering convictions and changing hearts for all eternity.


Have you ever been so mad at a person that you wanted to walk out and never talk to them again, but decided instead to hand in there, communicate, and make it right?  Or, have you felt tremendously inadequate for an assigned task, found a Scripture of encouragement and come out a winner?  Have you invested love and concern into a person who was basically not loveable and witnessed a transformation in their behaviour – primarily because of your sensitivity and acceptance?  That’s the kind of power I am talking about.

This verse says that we, the children of God, can actually overcome the world by faithfully believing that we have God’s power to effect change.  Doesn’t that make you want to try it in every area of your life?  It certainly does me!

I want to not worry about money.  I want to lose weight. I want to be kinder, a more gently person.  I want to be supportive, not envious. I want to sing more and moan less.  I want to look for the positive, not dwell on the negative.  I want to reach out to those who need me, not wait for them to come to me.  I want to relax and laugh.  I want to live fully.

Remember that by Faith you have already overcome the world.

Claim That!!

When God commissions, he empowers.

That power is absolutely yours, by faith.

Take it and head out.

The victories are just beginning!

5 Responses to “Not Faith, but … Power”
  1. Glenford says:

    Great way to describe power, using something we think so small and simple as a seed! I never would have thought of that as an analogy powerful indeed

  2. jamiegall1930 says:

    I love hearing your insight… That is beautiful power indeed.

  3. nicholeann says:

    THanks for sharing your inspiration!

  4. Alexis Grace says:

    Very inspring—- thank you!

  5. Something we used to say in church a lot…
    Name it, Frame it Claim it!


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