A Mother’s Pride

There they are!

Handsome, intelligent sons who address their superiors with respect.

Polite, yet firm in their convictions.

“Those two are my boys/my son’s”.

Daniel was born to an Israelite mother who did a wonderful, caring job of raising her son, who, in even the gravest of circumstances held on to all he believed.

Never before had I though about Daniel’s mother. Who was she?  What happened to her when the Israelites were taken captive?  Although,  I have two son’s of my own, I couldn’t help think about Daniel’s mother. We will never really know who she was, but she certainly raised an outstanding young man.

Maybe she had never heard of his exemplary behaviour.  Maybe she had never realised what a great job she had done in nurturing and educating this young Israelite.

She may have prayed for him daily when he was a young child.  She may have continued to pray for him during the exile.  Whether or not she knew what he had achieved, she had done her job – she had raised her son as best as she knew how to.

My two boys have wonderful potential, and I hope to see the ‘ fullness of them’ one day.

Maybe, I will not get to see my boys as to what they eventually become or achieve as mature men, but, like Daniel’s mother, I believe in and will continue to pray for my boys!

I love you Marck & Michael Lockett!

5 Responses to “A Mother’s Pride”
  1. Alexis Grace says:

    I may not be a mother, but I do think what you are talking about here is exactly what every mother can do for their kids— raise them the best they can, then wish and pray them well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

  2. I love this post especially since I am a mom of two young boys. That is all we can do….raise them the best way we can, teach them all we know and pray for them every day.

  3. the cry of every mothers heart 🙂

  4. jamiegall1930 says:

    You’re a proud mama!! And your sons are handsome =) I bet they’ve turned into amazing men. And I hope all in well in your world.

  5. Wonderful post! And what a great photo of them.

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