Spiritual Butterflies

Some have wandered away from these and turned to meaningless talk ~ 1 Timothy 1:6

It is essential to be able to give an intelligent explanation of your faith.  If not, your faith in God becomes a matter of emotion without substance, making you susceptible to any passing spiritual fad.  There are so may spiritual butterflies who flit from church to church, because their convictions are not founded on solid dogma.

However, there are others for whom dogma is the alpha and omega of their faith.  Their biggest task is to involve others in religious arguments in an attempt to convert them to their own opinions.

They make use of religious generalisations and clichés

They refer to profound theological term

They quote the Scriptures out of context

It is easy to win an argument with uninformed people, but eloquence won’t impress anyone unless the Spirit of Christ is evident.  It is possible to agree with your mind while your heart remains untouched.

In your attempts to explain to others what your beliefs concerning Jesus are, begin by ensuring that you know Him personally as your personal Lord and Saviour.  If this is absent from your testimony, your words will be nothing but words, nothing more than ‘verbal gymnastics’.  To know Christ ‘personally’ is much more important than knowing all the dogma concerning Him.

“My humble and sincere prayer, Lord Jesus, is that my words will be filled with profound conviction whenever I talk about You!”



Truth has never been – nor will it ever be contained in any dogma

~ Mary Augusta Ward ~

2 Responses to “Spiritual Butterflies”
  1. Alexis Grace says:

    My faith is a faith of necessity—- God (through Jesus) offers grace and forgiveness. What more can a person need?!

  2. Modern Gypsy says:

    “Dogma” – I don’t much care for that word, especially when someone tries to convert me to their idea of relegion. My relationship with God is personal, I have an ongoing dialogue with Hin, and I don’t need anyone pushing their POV onto me. Which is why I love your writing, Debra. I like reading about your relationship with Jesus, because you present your views from a place of faith, not from a place of dogma. Thank you for walking with me on this spiritual journey. 🙂

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