Jubilation, with a False Note

We must not forget the coming of Christ to our souls, to our hearts.  We dare not stop at the material appearance of Christ in the world as if this is ‘the most important event of the year’.  We must not only testify with our mouths that He came to the world to take the burden of our guilt and curse upon Him as the Lamb of God! It is a wonderful testimony, yet, but what good does it do if we do not truly partake thereof?  Then, it only becomes a Christmas jubilation with a false note.

It may be a celebration around us, but never inside of us.  If we truly want to experience the joy of Christmas, Christ  has to come to our hearts with His salvation, peace and joy, and completely inhabit us.

Christ came to this world so that His love and grace could become a reality in the heart of everyone who believes in Him.  He came to find and save those who are lost, and everyone who accepts Him has the right to become children of God.  Do you believe this? Do you believe that He comes to where YOU stand, overwhelmed by your own sin?  He comes to you with his hands filled with grace and forgiveness.  He comes to convert your sadness into joy; to take the false note out of your Christmas Joy and to make you sing the pure song of Salvation!


Father God, by the daily renewing of our minds,  satisfy us with the true Bread and Water of life.


Salvation does not simply look back at the manger.

It looks ahead to the freedom in which redeemed people stand.

 Therefore, we have to be God’s people.

~ Leon Morris ~


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