Are you still blind to Gods Light


“But for you who ever my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in it’s wings …” ~ Malachi 4:2

The sun shines in glory and majesty, high in the firmament, far and inaccessible in its reign. The eye cannot look at it directly without being blinded.  As the sun is, so is our God.  Elevated high above the earthly turmoil, He reigns over the entire world.  Even though I try to shield my eyes from His splendour, He remains there.  Like the sun that brings light, warmth and growth with its comforting rays, God also comes to us in the advent time.  But, unlike the sun, God is also still close to us in spite of his untouchable splendour.

We cannot go to the sun, but the sun can reach down to us.  God sends his light to illuminate our dark minds, warm our cold hearts and turn the night of our sins into the day of his grace.  In Jesus Christ the Sun of justice descends upon us.  God from God, Light from Light.  Zechariah sings the praise of the Child of Bethlehem by describing Him as the rising light that visits us to shine on those who are overwhelmed by darkness and the shadow of death.  So many are lost in the dark maze of sin.  The sun shines, but they are blind.  However, Malachi says that there is healing in His rays.  He takes our ailments upon Him and carries the burden of our grief.

After Christmas, we have to return to everyday life and carry the light we receive from Him into a dark world.  Let us celebrate Christ throughout the entire year and not only when the world says – in December.

Our task as laymen is to live our lives in such surrender to Christ that it will be contagious!

~ Paul Tournier~

4 Responses to “Are you still blind to Gods Light”
  1. Alexis Grace says:

    Another bit of inspiration!!! Agreed– Christ shouldn’t be limited to a season!

  2. Absolutely!!! That is what I teach my children …. love … peace and random acts of kindness all year long 🙂

  3. Trianna says:

    The spirit of Christmas has become so commercialized. It’s all about the gifts and money at this point. It’s very sad.
    Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration!!

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