A sign of God’s Love

“This will be a sign to you:  You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger” Luke 2:12

As with the arrival of a baby in a family, thousands of people yearned for the coming of the Child of Bethlehem;  the prophets and the Old Testament believers, his parents and the devout people of his time – Simeon and Anna, Zechariah and Elizabeth.  Similarly we look forward to the annual commemoration of his coming. The world has chosen December although we know that this is not the time Christ was born.  However, intellectually, we know that this is NOT ABOUT the month, or the ‘NAME Christmas‘ – it is about the Birth of The Child of Bethlehem – let us not forget this very important fact!!!



I have a group on Facebook called Reflections of “THE SAVIOUR” and this is what I say in the Group:  

Those who really love Christ, rise above all differences and are free from all forms of pettiness and narrow-mindedness. 
They no longer judge fellow Christians by their doctrines, but accept them in love.
Accept people where they are, and trust God to change what needs to be changed in His timing, His way.

Here is the header address (copy and paste into your browser) for anyone who would like to join:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Reflectionsofthesaviour/

God speaks to man in a thousand voices;  on Sinai ~ the thunder roars; in Sodom and Gomorrah ~ God speaks with fire and brimstone; in the life of Job ~ God speaks through loss, illness and tribulations. But at ‘Christmas‘ God speaks through a Child who beckons us back to the heart of God from a mother’s arms and from a manger.  God becomes a child and speaks to us in a language everyone can understand.

The Child of Bethlehem speaks to us about God’s immeasurable love, and tells us exactly how much God loves the world!  Will this love not compel us to love our children more and to desire their salvation?  Having children always places us before a CHOICE:  to love and comfort them, or to neglect and sadden them.  The Child of Bethlehem puts us before the same choice:


If ever there was a time to made the decision and accept Christ into your life – it is NOW!



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