Jesus Christ is ALWAYS available

” …. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age ~ Matthew 28:20


One of the glorious truths of the gospel is that He is always available for his followers who need Him.  This is a comforting knowledge in these last days of the old year, when we are often overcome by an inexplicable melancholy.

The comforting truth is that the Master is with us wherever we are.  While we strive to get to know Him better, and while we try to break through our doubt and uncertainly, He is at our side in our struggle.

God is at Work - Hands

It is as if He wants to tell you: 

“Stop struggling with your self-made doubt and fear and come to Me.  I am the One who will give you calm and peace.”

Christian pilgrims know that if they accept this merciful invitation, they will have to relinquish all their pet sins, which have become a part of their lives.  Unfortunately, there are those who want to claim the presence of the living Christ on their own conditions, and this cannot be done!  This can never happen, because his presence can only be experienced and enjoyed when you meet his requirements. All-the-while, remembering that we will still make mistakes – you/we are not perfect within ourselves and only with the daily renewing of our minds, by getting to know our father and his heart – will we become more like him – (He looks at the purity of our Heart). We are saved by Grace through Faith.

The basis of our Christianity is our acceptance of the living Saviour.  Without that, our faith has no foundation and we will be unable to venture into the new year with absolute confidence.  Together with Christ we can accept the Holy Spirit into our lives.  Through the working of the Holy Spirit we become aware of the presence of Christ with every step that we take.


If we remain alert and vigilant, God reveals Himself continuously to us and we will rejoice in everything that happens to us.

~ Jean Pierre de Caussade ~




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