Rejoice in Today


This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm: 118:24


We can’t change the past and the future is a mystery to us.  We should take note that the present is of crucial importance to us.  By ‘fully’ living in this moment, we can bring homage to the past and prepare ourselves for the unknown future.

People tend to realise the importance of the present in different ways.  Some people are continually involved in big plans that they want to accomplish at some point in the future, and, generally, any sacrifice in the present is worthwhile because the future is bright with possibility.  The serious student will probably sacrifice his sport and social life to realise his dreams.  Wise is the student who manages to keep his eyes  fixed on future ideals while enjoying the accumulation of knowledge for the sake of the satisfaction that it provides him in the days of his preparation.

There was a time in the history of Christianity when the present was scorned and only the future was of any value to the serious believer.  It was a “pie in the sky when you die” approach to life and faith.  Currently, this ‘religious philosophy’ is on the wane and the truth is dawning increasingly on people – that Jesus Christ, who is our one and only,Perfect Master in the art of life, is not only involved in the heaven after life, but wants to establish heaven in the hearts of people, here and now.

As you go about on the path of this new day, toward this new year with Jesus Christ, the present is filled with His glory ad life becomes indescribably beautiful and good, regardless of any ‘outside circumstance’.

Enjoy your day today. God Bless ❤

2 Responses to “Rejoice in Today”
  1. There’s no other way to live but in the “present” =)

  2. Alexis Grace says:

    I have been very conscious to live in the present- especially with my little girl- I just don’t want to miss a moment!

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