God’s Will

“We only have to obey. There is guidance for every one of us, and by listening humbly, we will hear the right words.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Self examination

There are many servants of the Lord who diligently serve Him, but who keep the love of their hearts from Him.  Does this make sense?  Read on ….

These people serve the Lord in many different ways, but often these are ways of their own choice.  When they are challenged to a form of service that demands more sacrifices, generally they merely work harder and are more dedicated ‘at their own choice’.

While we know that all work done for the Lord benefits the one doing it – nobody can work for the Lord without being blessed in one way or another.  The only work that is truly beneficial is the work done according to His will.

This is why it is so important to know the will of God for yourself – personally….

However, if you have compassion for others’ physically and spiritual problems and needs, it will help you to understand Gods way better. When the suffering of another compels you into compassion as well as action, you are  surely acting within the will of our Lord.  The Bible tells us that Christ was always profoundly touched when witnessing other people’s suffering, especially the suffering of the innocent. When we become aware of another’s spiritual distress, and we offer ourselves to God, asking Him to enable us to help, you will be astonished at your own responses while God is using you in His service.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

God Bless.




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