Bargaining with God

praying-hands 2

We cannot try bargaining with God!

There are many people (myself included, I have done this) – some in complete innocence – who in their prayers tend to offer God something in exchange for the fulfilment of their requests.  Despite the fact that there may have been instances where people did receive what they had asked for, it remains an undesirable practice that can easily have a negative influence on your faith.

It is very important that we realise and accept the fact that everything we are – and everything we have, comes only through the grace of God ~ because He loves us and He provides in all our needs according to the wealth of his mercy and the all-powerfullness of His will. It is also essential that we accept that we belong to Him. We have been redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, and now … we belong to Him.  It becomes clear that we cannot bargain with Him on the basis that we will do something for Him if He will give us something in exchange.

The right approach in our prayer life is to lay all our concerns and requests before Him and then to wait faithfully… (I know that this is hard, I myself battle sometimes as I am impatient).  We have to accept that whatever He ordains for us will be good, and acknowledge it as being within the will of ‘the Father’.

If this is our attitude in our prayers, we will experience the peace of God that flows from faith, and acceptance of the will of our heavenly Father.

Father I ask that you keep me faithfully at your feet so that your plan with my life may come to fruition. Amen.

Have a wonderful day today

God bless




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