Christianity – Gods way or your way?



Why is it that so many good, church-going people in our current time experience a sense of disappointment and failure that borders on despair?  They have faithfully attended church throughout their entire lives and honestly feel that they truly love God in their own way.  Despite this, they suffer from spiritual malnutrition.  There is something important lacking in their spiritual experience.

The answer may lay precisely in the fact that they love God ‘in their own way’, instead of the scriptural way. They have created a form of Christianity that fits neatly into their lifestyle.

This private and personal version of Christianity turns them into masters of compromise.  They find excuses not to forgive, they are selective in who they want to love, their business negotiations are controlled by whatever suits them at that moment and not by scriptural principles.

Scriptural Christianity starts with an act of repentance and confession.  This implies a complete about-turn and an awareness of the presence of the living Christ. Scriptural Christianity means complete obedience to God and to the standards set out by Christ.  These standards are found in the New Testament, and our Lord and Master commands us to keep them.

Such a demand is not unreasonable, because when He calls us He also equips the new disciple with His Holy Spirit.  When we are empowered in this way, Jesus Christ guides us into the fullness of life.


Have a wonderful day

Be blessed in Him

Debra xx



8 Responses to “Christianity – Gods way or your way?”
  1. Trianna says:

    I am more spiritual than religious. I was raised in a family with three religions. Christian, Muslim and Hindu. I fully believe that if you are going to believe in something and live your life in a certain way, then you should do so fully. Not just when it’s convenient for you.

  2. “This private and personal version of Christianity turns them into masters of compromise” this says it all. Even I catch myself in this situation here & there.

  3. I never understand the “guilt” portion of going to church. Guilty for not going. Guilt for missing a day. Guilt for having different beliefs. Instead, I have accepted the love of our father, and what he brings to us. Much more uplifting.

    • Debra says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Why feel guilty – that is for the benefit of everyone else who sees you – your relationship is personal and our Father sees our hearts and knows us intimately.

  4. Alexis Grace says:

    While I agree that repentance is key to building a relationship with Christ, the first step is truly God’s Grace. This opens us up to receiving God’s love and truth, which leads to our awareness and then to our repentance— we cannot repent what we do not know. From this awareness also develops a desire for His guidelines (which are there because of His love for us and desire for our best).

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